Wednesday, November 30, 2011

1.1 Mission (I’ m)Possible: Emerging Aphrodite

My name is Kon, Tania Kon. I’m a Greek 34 years old, unemployed and single woman. I live in a world that is falling apart, everything has changed, money counts more than love, corruption is everywhere and nobody cares about the other anymore. And yes, it seems that I’m going through my own little depression phase. So, while I was waiting today in a line full of jobless people at the unemployment office, in order to receive the ‘’excessive’’ amount of 460 euro, so that I can pay my 460 unpaid bills and avoid spending my life behind bars – and unfortunately there’s no drinking or dancing in this kind of ‘’bars’’, I saw all my failed efforts in my professional and private life, flashing before my eyes like a movie. So, I’ve decided that it’s high time I changed my ways. I’ll start by changing my own little world and who knows? Perhaps I can eventually change as well the world around me. Besides if you don’t change some basic things about yourself, how can you expect your life to change?
For example, a good job will not fall from the sky (though I wouldn’t complain if my bloody luck could help me a bit), neither my knight in shining armor on his white horse (or even his Beetle Car, whatever!). Since whichever way you see it, I’m a disappointment, I’ve decided to give myself 1 year in order to make my dreams come true (or at least some of them). Since I’ve reached the bottom of the sea with the weeds dragging me deeper and deeper, I declare that today, November 30th 2011, I’m ready to start swimming towards the surface of the sea, in the hopes of emerging (like another Aphrodite) and confronting the shiny sunrays warming my face (and not clouds, lightening and storms). I don’t want to sound extremely optimistic but something tells me that I better get lots of sunscreen and rub it all over my face just in case happiness is way too hot for me. It is known that if you want the rainbow you have to put up with the rain first. But my life so far hasn’t been a simple rainfall, more like Katrina the Hurricane – oh I’m so ‘’gone with the wind’’! There have been some good moments of course, but it’s been a while since the last time that I felt truly happy. So, this blog is going to be my diary. My past and my present. As for my future, that, we shall discover it together!
I’ve never contemplated on what went wrong in my life or whether I am to blame. So, by writing about my past, I might succeed in improving my present and learning from my mistakes so that next time I can at least make different or better mistakes.
But where do I start? Hmmm… I have to hatch a plan of action. What the hell! James Bond always had one and never failed to make it work! I know my deadline, it’s 1 year. Same time next year, right before Christmas, which happens to be my favorite holiday! But my priority is this year’s Christmas and I plan to spend it without moaning, nagging, whining or fighting. Because even though the financial recession dictates us to live in a constant depression, I plan my holidays to be as creative and magical as possible. Although I’m 34 years old (dammit) I still believe in Santa Claus and I still write him a letter every Christmas Eve, just like I used to do when I was little (Ok, maybe I’m not leaving milk and cookies under the tree…besides I don’t have a fireplace nor a chimney). But it looks like I’m losing track of my very important subject. Right. Plan. Goals. Desires. Needs. 

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